Investeren in hypotheken bij Jungo

Investing in residential mortgages

Jungo provides professional investors the opportunity to invest in Dutch residential Mortgages. Due to the flexibility of our platform and our structure, we offer interesting opportunities to many types of funders as senior, junior via warehouse or whole loan.

Goede hypotheek met lage rente doordat de crowd mee doet.

About us

Jungo is an independent mortgage provider and asset manager with expertise in funding, origination, servicing and asset management of residential mortgages. Founded in 2015 as a fintech initiative of an established IT company,, we obtained our AFM license in 2016. In 2018 we went live with our first mortgage product. We are a reliable partner for our investors and provide flexibility and focus. Our ambition is to make a sustainable and cost-efficient living experience more accessible for homeowners. This starts with how we finance the mortgages. By being a reliable partner for our investors, who really listens to the investor’s needs, we create a solid basis for realizing out ambition. We are proud to share that in 2021 we obtained the Energy Efficient Mortgage Label.

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Professional expertise

Each management team member represents a 15+ year experience in a specific field. In all covering the complete value chain, the team has extensive knowledge and experience in mortgage distribution and servicing, funding, marketing, IT, risk and operations. Thanks to our background and expertise, we operate as an investment manager in the best interest of our investors ánd borrowers alike.


Operational efficiency

Jungo’s operational set-up consists of a highly reliable and low-cost infrastructure. Based on front to end state of the art technology (IT-infrastructure for mortgage advise, origination, administration and payment services) provided by our shareholder Topicus. Our fucus is to create a fully paperless process, providing online self-service and use validated source data to ensure swift binding mortgage offer with full data integrity in the credit risk acceptance process.

Performing core and long-term value-added activities in-house and outsourcing only those processes, which can externally be done better and more cost-efficient job by best in class third parties.

This high cost-efficiency, reliability and flexibility enables us to provide an attractive return to investors and a transparent mortgage at fair rates to our customers.


Responsible investing

Jungo objective is to make a positive and sustainable impact on society. Thanks to our strong basis in IT, we create innovative and impactful mortgage propositions.

We are the first Dutch financial institution that has obtained the Energy Efficient Mortgage Label (an EU initiative). We firmly believe that the financial industry can have a strong positive influence on society when really acting on Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance policies (see CSR policy).

Energy efficient mortgage label


Great distribution power

The Jungo products will be distributed via a large network of independent mortgage advisors. Facilitating the intermediaries with a unique product and swift and smooth processing. Distribution power will be achieved by leveraging on many years of experience in marketing mortgages product through the intermediary channel.

Alternatief voor sparen

Our mortgage brands


Verder Hypotheken

With a new proposition (no crowd-funding element) and with the proven technology and a very experienced management team in banking, funding and IT, Jungo introduces a new mortgage proposition, which acts as a catalyst for making homes sustainable where clients benefit from having lower energy costs, more comfort and a future-proof home. This new mortgage brand is called: Verder Hypotheken. Research from the “Economisch Instituut voor de bouw” ( shows that the average investment in a Dutch home to improve from Energy label E/F to A is EUR 22.000. The same improvement would reduce the average energy consumption from 2,4 gigajoules per home per annum per m2 to 1,05 gigajoules. The aim of Verder Hypotheken is to really get this market in motion by providing the customers with an attractive mortgage proposition. A proposition which will reduce the sum of monthly mortgage and energy cost for the customer, increasing comfort as well as the value of the house, while lowering the carbon footprint.


Jungo Hypotheken

With the ambition to to create a sustainable and cost-efficient living experience for homeowners Jungo launched people-to-people mortgage in a partnership with one of the largest Dutch institutional investors, with whom we successfully entered the Dutch mortgage market in 2018. Jungo has been the first mortgage provider allowing the general public to invest directly in individual Dutch mortgages using crowdfunding. The institutional investor funded up to 80% LtV and the retail clients had been offered the remainder part of the loan above 80% LtV. In 2020 the originated loans, with no single delinquency, have been transferred to the investor’s balance sheet. The Jungo mortgage label is currently inactive.